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Humane Wildlife Removal & Prevention Solutions

Apex Wildlife & Pest Control Ltd offers solutions for removing living and deceased small to medium sized wildlife. With the use of one-way-doors, traps, snare-poles and repellents, live animals are removed using humane removal methods and are safely relocated. 

It is imperative to keep your property free of disease carrying animals, as they can spread numerous harmful and potentially fatal diseases. In addition the damage that can be created can cause structural damage, electrical damage, and water damage. Not only is our goal to evict in a humane and safe manner, but to also prevent. Our technicians have construction training to do minor repair work and/or add additional strength to weak problematic area(s) Our goal is to keep them out!

 Specializing In


Raccoons are carriers of parasites and dangerous diseases, including rabies and a highly infectious roundworm that is fatal to humans. We offer effective and humane removal and prevention options.



An infestation of squirrels in your home can put your home at risk of damage and cause health concerns for your pets and family. We offer effective and humane removal and prevention options.



Due to nesting habits, ability to swarm in huge numbers, aggression to people, and their droppings, birds can be a huge burden. Apex offers humane removal and prevention options. 

Brown Bat.jpg


At first signs of bats or a bat colony living in your attic, we recommend you begin the removal process as soon as possible. Call for bat removal and prevention options.



Foxes are carriers of rabies and a tape worm parasite which can be transmitted to humans. Apex offers trapping removal and prevention options.



The presence of one rodent could be a sign of an infestation. Contact us as soon as possible to minimize the damage rodents can cause in your home.



Opossum removal can be a challenging task. Apex will provide humane removal options and will recommend prevention methods.

Young skunk pair.jpg


If a skunk is living on your property it's important to remove them before your pets or family get sprayed. We offer humane removal options.



Snakes are shy around humans, so when they get into your home they’re not easy to find. If you find a snake in your building, contact Apex for humane removal options.

Trust Our Certified Technicians

  • Structural Pest Control Licensed

  • Construction Trained

  • WHMIS Certified

  • Fully Insured & Bonded

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