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 Professional Pest Control Services 

Apex Wildlife & Pest Control Ltd offers solutions for even the smallest pests. From ants, to cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, beetles, wasps/wasp nests, mice, rats and more - Please contact us with your pest issue


Apex will provide you with a customized treatment for your infestation and provide the highest quality licensed pesticide available

It is imperative to keep your property free of disease carrying pests, as they can spread numerous harmful and potentially fatal diseases. Many do-it-yourself treatments do not eradicate the source of the infestation. In many cases, these home treatments can be dangerous, illegal and worsen your infestation.

Our pest control division is dedicated to evicting that unwanted pest using the highest quality licensed pesticide, and recommending prevention programs to maintain a pest free environment moving forward

 Specializing In 


Mice & Rats

We offer the best mouse and rat pesticides available. We also use live traps, kill traps, and offer mouse/rat prevention services. Contact us for details



Spiders enter your home looking for a dark, damp place to spin their webs. We provide professional services to control larger infestations.



This risk from wasps is particularly high towards the end of summer – call us to destroy the nest early, before wasps become aggressive.



Most ant species do not carry disease, but can cause extensive damage. Contact us for details.



House flies transmit a wide range of diseases. If your home has a fly problem call our technicians as soon as possible to avoid further contamination.



Cockroaches are a high risk pest because of the range of illness they carry. Call immediately at first signs of infestation.

Trust Our Certified Technicians

  • Structural Pest Control Licensed

  • Construction Trained

  • WHMIS Certified

  • Fully Insured & Bonded

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