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Apex Wildlife & Pest Control Ltd provides ant extermination to residential and commercial buildings. In order to have a successful treatment for ants, we first and most importantly need to identify the type of ant causing the infestation. In Canada, most ant infestations are caused by carpenter ants, pavement ants and pharaoh ants. We use a combination of high grade licensed pesticide products - Spray, dust, and gel baits together to be most effective in the management of the ant infestation.


Each species of ant will respond differently to the same treatment; in some cases, this may cause the infestation to spread and worsen. For this reason, we do not encourage DIY - over the counter pesticide products to remove ant infestations in your home.


Most Common Ant Infestations

Carpenter Ants


Unlike most species of ants that build colonies underground, carpenter ants build their homes in decaying wood, making them very difficult to locate.

Pavement Ants

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Pavement ants are most visible in the summer, swarming in the cracks between flat stones, sidewalks and concrete slabs.

Pharaoh Ants

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Among the smallest species of ants, pharaoh ants can be hard to spot and can get into even smaller nooks and crannies than other species of ant.

Treatment Options

Our pest control technicians use an extensive range of pest control treatments including baits, traps, dusts and gel-based pesticides to safely and effectively combat your ant infestation.

If an ant problem is found, we will suggest one of these pest control treatments, depending on the type of ants you’re combating, and the level of the infestation.

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Pesticide treatments are not covered in Apex Wildlife & Pest Control Ltd's 5 year warranty.


Annual contracts are available for residential or commercial buildings that require ongoing treatment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our pest control service contracts, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Trust Our Certified Technicians

  • Structural Pest Control Certified

  • Falconry Licensed

  • WHMIS Certified

  • Fully Insured & Bonded

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