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Something Wicked This Way Comes......

Something wicked is coming and its not in the form of a plague or fire and brim stone. Actually its not that wicked looking at all! Its cute, fuzzy, and can make many of us say "awwwww". But lets be clear it can be a total nightmare. Im talking about what we in the removal business refer to as baby season. We are close to the begining of spring meaning that right now our furry native raccoons, squirrels, skunks, are mating! What comes after mateing? Yes, babies!.

Some time around the end of Februrary we begin to experience a high call volume of people hearing chittering and chirping in the attic. It keeps them up at night scatching at the ceiling, in some cases breaking through into living spaces. The thought of a raccoon or squirrel living in your roof or falling through the ceiling is a scary endevour. However, whats scarier is the threat of allowing any sort of wildlife to raise a family in any part of your home. The damage from relentless chewing can and has caused fires. There are many documented cases of raccoon feces spreading raccoon round worm, which in itself is the stuff nightmares are made of. As a wildlife removal company we have seen and had many "Oh wow" type moments and can attest to the addage "early bird gets the worm". Do not wait to get wildlife out of your house or property the consequences could be but not limited to:

-Thousands in insulation repairs

-Structural dammage

-Feces and bacterial dammage

-Electrical dammage

-Physical health concerns

With those being a few of the reasons to get a specialist like Apex Wildlife Removal to remove, repair, and protect your home. We offer this public service reminder that with spring coming and babies on there way dont let your home or property be put on the " back burner" as it happens all to often, and that a simple removal if caught early can be a saving grace from massive future financial repercussions.

In conclusion, if you suspect you may have somthing in your home or property dont wait! We offer affordable inspection services and can put together a guaranteed protection plan to prevent anything wild from entering your home.

647 988 5034 or 416 473 3321


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